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GPS Source

GPS Source

We're a value added partner since 2007, with the Largest GPS/GNSS area coverage repeated by MilWorks.
GPS/GNSS Milspec Antenna
GPS/GNSS Repeaters   GPS/GNSS Antennas
Military Qualified Spliters   GPS/GNSS Splitters
GPS/GNSS Amplifiers
Our distribution and wholesale business revolves primarily around GNSS RF devices, antennas and masts which also supplement our communication business. A distributor for GPS Source Inc. (General Dynamics) since 2009, we regularly incorporate a large number of their components into our projects and directly supply their products to OEM/ODM clientele. This has made us the regional leader in high-quality GNSS products (mainly GPSS) and qualifies us to provide consultancy services on the use of GNSS amplifiers, splitters, combiners and repeaters to meet the exact needs of projects.
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Label Italy

Label Italy

  FM Antenna
  FM Power Divider
  FM Cavity Filter


  handheld/manpack     vehicular
  tactical/field     base station     radio monitoring
  ECM signal jamming     for SDR radios
De-facto source for your Antenna needs
We are also a valued partner of Label Italy and Trival Antenna. Over the years, we have successfully sold and deployed their antenna products in regional field projects involving FM transmission and V/UHF applications.
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Explorer Case

Explorer Case

  Won Major Contracts since 2007 against
established brands on Quality, Features and Value!
Our storage cases distribution business was born from a partnership with ExplorerCase that has lasted more than a decade. We have adapted their products into numerous engineering designs contracted by our clientele, which range from work-out-of-the-box video surveillance systems, cabin oxygen dispenser carriers for airlines, automotive CANBus Testers, storage applications for high-value dive breathing equipment, and high-end optical systems made to various Military standards and specifications. ExplorerCase meets the market requirements for lightweight, robustness, and high durability and wins out against recognised brands in terms of price and technical superiority.
We provide ExplorerCase products in PU, EVA custom foam, and custom work panels integrated with optional electronics. Please call us for further discussion.
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