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Communication systems and services are continuously evolving to meet the changing landscape of a highly competitive arena. As such, we are committed to offering application-specific solutions using secure technologies, time-critical service channels, and robust architecture to derive performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Our communications systems are proven to deliver end customers' operational success and fulfil the requirements of Enterprise, Government, and Mission-Critical Service (MCS) providers.
Enterprise & Government Messaging System

Enterprise &
Messaging System

We offer secure messaging architecture for Large Enterprises and Government agencies built on secured private backend message servers and network infrastructure to establish confidential and classified communication channels for corporate management and government officials. The system can be run in a BYOD environment or controlled-furnished licensed equipment and further hardened through the use of a dedicated private physical network under the purview of 3GPP (4G, 5G and impending 6G) compliance standards.
Do speak to us to start envisioning your managed secure messaging platform for your organisation, Ministry, Government, etc.
Enterprise & Government 4G LTE, 5G Network

Enterprise & Government 4G LTE, 5G Network

Designed for enterprise and government users, our private networks offer ubiquitous coverage, firewall-secured communications, self-owned deployment layout, and control over network resources utilisation vs commercial networks. Our teams handle network planning, simulation, equipment selection & supply, implementation, and commissioning of private enterprise & government-secure 4G or 5G cellular telecommunications networks. These networks can be strategically isolated or linked to public telecommunication networks. Links can be hardened with quantum bits encryption technology to ensure data is always secure.
For time-critical applications, we offer competing 3GPP 4G-LTE compliant Mission Critical Services (MCS) for critical users in the security operating domains. These end-users benefit from compliance response from the 4G-LTE MCS networks with guaranteed voice, data, and video performance within the MCS-compliant network. The long-term decentralisation of cellular networks points towards end-users treading away from traditional Tetra, with newer DMR network solutions taking its place in the maturing 4G-LTE MCS market.
Speak to us now for your private Enterprise & Government 4G and/or 5G Networks.
For the impending 6G network, check out this space for updates to gain forward planning of your critical network operations.


Our Satcom systems enable end-users to establish global communications linkages with high bandwidth video and secure communication channels from remote points on the Earth to fulfil numerous applications in Government, Marine & Offshore, SAR (search & rescue), Remote Research Points, and Covert Operations.
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Repeaters (GNSS / Iridium / Satcom / LTE)

Repeaters (GNSS/Iridium / Satcom / LTE)

We provide Turn-key GNSS, Iridium, Inmarsat, 4G LTE 5G Repeater solutions, including M& E works to our Aerospace Partners & Government.
In 2010, we began providing extensive GNSS signal repeating solutions as a turnkey solution for commercial MRO hangars and operational military air bases in Southeast Asia. With an operational uptime of 99.8%, our installations have reduced our clients operating costs by millions of dollars over the years.
In 2020, we began offering Complex 2-Way Iridium/Inmarsat Communicating Network Repeaters to extend iridium or Inmarsat signals into aircraft hangars and hardened facilities based on the value and budgetary expectations of our aerospace MRO clients and government operators.
For 3G/4G cellular repeaters deployment for denied space, kindly speak to us so we can offer you the right solution to solve your cellular coverage issues.
Spectrum Monitoring, Direction Finding and Suppression Systems

Spectrum Monitoring, Direction Finding and Suppression Systems

We provide Government operators with turnkey Spectrum Monitoring solutions to Scan, Detect, Monitor, Analyse and Geo-location of unauthorised signal transmissions. The systems are available in portable, mobile and fixed deployment HF, VHF, UHF, and other frequency bands.
Additionally, we provide Suppression Systems with small and large area protection coverages that are effective against threats ranging from amateurs to professional state actors. Together with network performance simulation tools and portable measurement kits, we provide suppression operators with the operational know-how to mount effective jamming operations.
Contact us for speciality applications and consultancy services to meet your operational needs.
COFDM Mesh IP Network


100km applications
High Performance COFDM Transceiver
Suitable for Space-Ground, Ground-Air,
Air-Air, and Coastal-Land Applications
For dynamic physical environments, we offer IP-based COFDM mesh solutions to solve link problems between moving platforms with high success in both direct LOS and Non-LOS conditions. Our COFDM solution is available in multiple form factors suitable for portability or mounting on vehicles, ships, or air platforms.
Contact us to explore deploying your first COFDM IP-based RF mesh network.


We integrate autonomous vehicle V2X capabilities to enable full wireless vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-environment communication - a key technology for designing new smart cities with intelligent transportation network implementation and setting a major reference for creating safer and more efficient transportation systems in mature cities.
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